Loreley – the siren


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Loreley the siren takes whatever she wants… you will lick her. She will take your body and will come with you…


Loreley – the Siren

exciting oralsex and sex on the beach

Erotic hypnosis “Loreley” – 30 minutes in 29MB with sound effects, brainwaves and (hypnotic) orgasm.

There is this old German legend about the siren Loreley. An achingly beautiful woman with long, golden hair. She is sitting on the rocks beneath the river Rhine, fooling the fishermen with her entrancing chants. The old legends are telling a story about the siren, who manipulates the fortune, mighty, but yet so subtle.
The wall rock “Loreley”, located at Central Rhineland is showing a statue in her honour.

During this erotic hypnosis you will become the fisherman, guiding his ship along the Rhine, finally captivated by the voice of the siren. Your ship will run aground, but there is no need to worry as you meet the beautiful Loreley, who can’t think of anything else than giving you the greatest pleasure.
She will force you to lick her, force you to do whatever she wants – and all that she wants is your cock! Feel her fucking you until your common hypnotic orgasm.

  • Soft and gentle induction – let your spirit flow along the waters of the river Rhine.
  • Captivated by her voice, you let yourself drift…
  • Loreley will force you to lick her.
  • You will have hypnotic sex, completed by an (hypnotic) orgasm.

Lady Marie Hypnotica is creating erotic hypnoses. Legends, myths and sagas always were a central part of human socialization. Some wild and untamed, some soft and sensual, those erotic fantasies will let you drift away, directly into them. Comparable with a realistic dream, you can feel her words like they were real.

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